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A User-Friendly Guide for Att.Net Email Settings

Get Updated Email Server Settings for ATT Net Email With Detailed Instruction

Today, We will talk about the different configuration steps that you need to perform in order to complete your att email settings. These steps for email setting for are simple yet crucial if you want to be able to setup your emails on all the email applications available, for example- Outlook, Thunderbird, etc., along with the various devices on which they are compatible (like phones and tablets).

Manual Settings For ATT Email Using IMAP & SMTP

1.      First, open the email application on your preferred device. The application can be either Thunderbird or Outlook or any other relevant one.

2.      Next, go to account settings and select “Add Account”.

3.      Thirdly, you will find a few email providers appearing on the screen. You must click on “Others

4.      In the username section that pops up, Enter your desired email address along with your password in the respective field.

5.      Now go to “Manual Setup” and select on manual settings and enter them as described below-

ATT email imap settings

IMAP server: “”

Security type: None

Imap port: 993

Secure: Port=993 and Security type: SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates)

Insecure: Port=143 and security type: None (Accept all certificates)

  1. Next you will have to enter the corresponding Outgoing (SMTP) configuration and then click on ‘Next’.

ATT email smtp settings

Outgoing (SMTP) secure=Port 465

Security Type: SSL/TLS(Accept all certificates)

Outgoing (SMTP roaming server) Secure=Port 587 and security type: SSL/TLS(Accept all certificates)

Outgoing (SMTP)= Port 25 and Security type= None(accept all certificates)

Outgoing (SMTP roaming server) Insecure= Port 587 and Security  type= None (accept all certificates)

  1. Finally, the process is complete once you click on “Done.” This way, your ATT email account setup has been completed!

ATT POP3 Email Server Settings:

To configure the incoming email server settings on ATT-

  • Tag the ATT POP3 incoming mail server as: (port 995)
  • Tag the ATT POP3 SMTP outgoing mail server as: (port 465, which requires authentication)

att incoming and outgoing

  • Once you complete the above two steps, fill in the ATT IMAP incoming mail server as: (port 993, secure connection) and the ATT IMAP SMTP outgoing mail server as: (port 465 or 587, secure connection).
  • As the final step, choose the ATT news server as ‘none available.’

These configured Att Email settings come in handy for you when you want to setup or change the configuration of your email ID on any of your desired devices.

In the second part of our article, we will be taking you through a series of the different ATT email server settings that will come in handy for you when you begin to use them.

Att Email Server Settings For Outlook Mail

We have also developed a shortlist of details that gives you all the necessary information that you will need related to the ATT server settings for your Outlook mail application. You can use these steps or follow through the youtube guide given to help you understand them further.

–          For the Incoming server –



–          For the Outgoing mail server –



–          For Incoming Port: 993 for IMAP  and 995 for POP3

–          For Outgoing port number: 587 for both IMAP and Pop

That’s how you can setup Att mail on Outlook email

●    The first thing that you have to do for setup is to open Microsoft Outlook.

●    Next, click on ‘File’ from the Menu bar.

●    Next, select “Info” or “Account settings” from the drop-down screen and click on the “Outlook setting” of the ATT mail.Click on File at the upper left corner in outlook

click on file in outlook and then click on info

●    If you are using the 2007 version of Outlook mail, you will have to click on ‘Tools’ from the top menu bar and then click on the “Account settings” from the drop-down list.

outlook settings

  • On the next screen, click on the email and click on the “New” button.
  • Next, move on the radio button, which you will find next to the “Microsoft Exchange, POP 3, IMAP or HTTP” and click ‘Next‘.
  • Then choose the option “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” and then on “Next”.
  • On the next tab that appears, enter your desired email under “Internet email” and select “Next”.
  • In the tab that follows, you will have to select ‘Server information’ to make the necessary changes according to your preference in the login address in the ‘User Information’ field.
  • From here, your next step is to choose “POP” from the drop-down list and type “” in the ‘Incoming mail server’ section.
  • For the next step, you will find the “” in the Outgoing mail server section. Here you will have to enter the username, which is your email address, along with the password in the “Login information fields”.
  • Next, you will need to verify your password and then click on “More Settings”.
  • Select the “Outgoing Server” tab and check “My Outgoing server (SMTP)” which will need to authenticate the process.
  • Also, select the radio button, which is present beside the “Use the same configuration as an incoming mail server” option.
  • From there, click the “Advanced” option, which is an SSL link in “The server requires an encrypted connection link(SSL)” option.
  • Finally, make sure that the field number automatically changes to “995”.

Learn to manually setup the Att email using both IMAP and SMTP settings on your iPhone.

  1. iPhone users can manually set up their ATT email from their device by both IMAP as well as SMTP settings.
  2. Unlock your iPhone. When you see the home screen, go to the in-built settings app.
  3. Scroll down to find ‘Mail,’ or you can also do it faster by typing in ‘Mail’ in the above search tab.
  4. Click on the Mail option and find a tab for ‘Accounts.’
  5. Select ‘Add Account.
  6. Scroll down till the end to find the ‘other’ option and tap on it.
  7. Here you will find an “Add mail account” option. Click on it.
  8. In the next screen that opens, you will be asked to type in your personal contact details, including your name, email, and password. Once you have filled them up, click on “Next.”
  9. Scroll down to see the Incoming mail server. Click on that and type the required details. You will have to do the same for the Outgoing mail server option as well. Check everything before you click on ‘next.’ You must make sure that you have entered your full email address but keep in mind that the username and password are identical for the Incoming and Outgoing mail servers.
    1. Incoming mail server hostname:
    2. Outgoing mail server hostname:
  10. You are almost close to completion now. Now please check that you have received a message that asks you to verify both the incoming as well as outgoing mail servers. Once this is done, click on ‘Continue.’ You can also click on ‘Details’ followed by selecting the option ‘Trust’ in the windows before you.
  11. You will then only need to save all the changes that you made in the server settings.
  12. Make sure that you choose the newly created account before saving the changes.
  13. After this, the account window will pop up. Here, you will need to choose the SMTP server.
  14. To check whether all the SMTP settings are entered correctly, tick the points given below-
    1. NET outgoing mail server hostname:
    2. Username: Full ATT.Net email address.
    3. Password: Your email password
    4. SSL: On. (NOTE: this option can also be turned off but while you do so, check to see if the correct port number has been used-

Outgoing(SMTP)Secure Port:465 for Security type:SSL/TLS(Accept all certificates)

Outgoing(SMTP roaming server) Secure Port:587 Security type:SSL/TLS(Accept all certificates)

Outgoing(SMTP)-Port 25 Security type: None (Accept all certificates) )

Authentication – Password

Server port- 465

These steps mentioned above are some of the easiest ways to set up your server settings hassle-free! Why spend time chasing behind a professional when all you have to do is read these steps and find out the quickest and easiest solutions to these problems! Once these steps are complete, you can use the ATT POP3 email server comfortably!


In this article, we have tried to come up with a few simple steps to guide the user in working with the ATT.NET email server. This setup can be useful to deal with the settings for Outlook mail. In case you ever need any further assistance, you can always contact us via chat. Or you can call us on our helpline number.


1: What are ATT email settings?

The instructions to manually find the ATT email settings are given below-

  • Enter the Server Address as:
  • Your Username will be the ATT email address that you created.
  • Enter your ATT mail password, which you had entered while creating the mail ID.
  • Type in the Port Number, which is 465 (With SSL).
  • Authenticate following the required details shown on the screen.

You must keep in mind that there is a limit in sending emails- which is approximately 500 Emails per day or 100 connections per day.

2: What are ATT Yahoo com email settings?

To configure your ATT Yahoo Email Login settings manually, you must remember the following-

  1. Incoming (POP)-
  2. Outgoing (SMTP)- enter, which also requires further authentication from the user.
  3. Incoming mail server- in POP3 form
  4. Incoming/Outgoing User Name- enter your full ATT email ID along with the corresponding domain.
  5. Incoming Mail port#- 995; with the help of a secure connection
  6. Outgoing Mail Port#- 465; with the help of a secure connection

3: What are the IMAP settings for ATT net?

Finding out the IMAP settings available on iPhone and other Apple devices is also quite easy. For this, all you have to know is-

  2. IMAP port- enter 993 in the corresponding sections
  3. IMAP security- enter SSL/ TLS
  4. IMAP username- enter your full email ID
  5. IMAP password- the password that you entered while your account creation.

4: Is ATT net email POP3 or IMAP? settings are available in both IMAP as well as POP3 servers. Therefore, all you have to do is enter the respective IMAP or POP3 settings in the corresponding devices.

  • The incoming server for IMAP is:
  • The incoming server for POP3 is:
  • The outgoing mail server for IMAP is:
  • The outgoing mail server for POP3 is:

5: How do I setup my AT&T email account?

Setting up your ATT account is very simple and easy if you just follow these steps carefully and correctly-

  • Open and Sign in
  • Since you do not have an account, you must click on ‘create ATT account.
  • Next, you will need to enter your Wireless Number with Zip Code and Select ‘Continue.’
  • Enter all the required personal details in the next window that appears, consisting of all the information needed to set up your new ATT email id and Password.
  • Enter the correct information in your profile information section.
  • Enter the answers to the respective security questions and click on ‘Prompt’ to verify your account.

Your account has been created! If the Att email is not working, then do not forget to check our At&t troubleshooting guide.