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How to Connect a Router to ATT Uverse Gateway Easily?

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What Is ATT Uverse – An Introduction

You may now know the AT&T U verse as the IPTV services or TV services by the AT&T., But earlier, AT&T provided three different services under the name of AT&T U verse which was internet, TV, and voice. However, now the internet services are given by the AT&T internet and Voice services as AT&T Phone by the AT&T.

So now, as the name suggests, U-verse TV provides IPTV services to its users. But this TV service is provided through the internet connection with the help of fiber or fiber/coaxial hybrid cables. However, just like the standard digital cable or satellite TV services, you also require a box to use the U-verse TV services on your TV.

But one should not confuse the U-verse TV services with DIRECTTV, which is also provided by AT&T. While both of these services are subsidiaries of AT&T, DIRECTTV is a Satellite TV service provider.

How to connect the AT&T U-verse gateway to a router?

The process is very easy if you want to connect your router with the AT&T U-verse gateway. Plus, the AT&T U-verse gateway is compatible with most of the devices. Thus you will not find any significant issues while connecting.

The following is the basic setup process to connect the router with the AT&T U-verse gateway:

  • So foremost, use an Ethernet cable to connect the router and AT&T gateway. Put one end of the cable in the internet port of your router, and insert the other end in the yellow Ethernet port of the U-verse gateway.
  • You can also disable the wireless feature of your AT&T gateway if you want to use the wireless broadcast feature on your device. Plus, this will also prevent the two devices from disturbing each other’s connection. To disable the wireless feature of the AT&T gateway, open the AT&T gateway setting page by searching for the default IP address in your browser’s search bar. Once you open the router settings page, open the Wireless Settings and then disable it.
  • But ensure that your router and AT&T gateway don’t have the same subnet, as this can create an IP address clash. The default AT&T gateway is 192.168.1.x.

However, if you experience any issues while connecting your AT&T U-verse gateway and router, you can use the following troubleshooting to fix the issue:

  • Foremost you should check your internet connection. Make certain the Ethernet cable is not broken. To prevent this, connect the Ethernet cable to another device, like a laptop, and check if the device gets online. If the device gets online, there is an issue with your router. But if the device doesn’t get online, use another Ethernet cable or try another Ethernet port.
  • Also, disconnect any third-party device connected to the gateway and device. At times, third-party devices cause connection issues. Once everything starts working again, you can connect your devices back.
  • In case the above troubleshooting steps don’t work, try to reboot or restart your device. To reboot the device, unplug all the device’s attachments and then plug them back in. If the reboot doesn’t work, then reset the device.
  • Lastly, please read the device’s site or manual to check you haven’t missed any additional steps while doing the configuration.

You can also use the following Advance Settings if you experience any issue while connecting the router and AT&T U-verse gateway:

  • You may have to enable the port forwarding feature if some programs or apps don’t work after connecting to the internet.
  • Once you open your AT&T gateway’s ports, you also have to open the router’s ports connected to the device.
  • You can also use your device’s pass-through or DMZ plus mode to open all the ports at once.

How can you speed up the ATT Uverse Internet?

If you are getting a weak or slow-speed connection on your AT&T U-Verse, then there could be many reasons behind that. And there are solutions to resolve such an issue as well. But before moving to the troubleshooting part, make sure there is no issue with your internet service. Also, check if the slow surfing issue is occurring with a particular website or all the websites.

You can also try using any other browser, as sometimes some browsers take longer to open certain pages.

If the slow surfing speed issue occurs on just a single page or website, you should try opening the website after some time. However, if the slow surfing issue is occurring on more than one website, then follow these steps to troubleshoot:

  • Firstly, test your computer. To test it, you need to reboot the computer, turn it off and then turn on your router or modem. Sometimes simply rebooting the device resolves the issue.
  • Then also delete the cache or temporary internet files and cookie data of your computer. To delete the browser’s cache and cookies data, follow the following steps:
    • Firstly, open your browser.
    • Then simultaneously press the Ctrl, Shift and Delete buttons on your keyboard.
  • The above steps will open a menu tab on your computer screen. Now you select the files that you want to delete.
    • After selecting the files, select the Delete or Clear The button option could vary depending upon the type of browser you are using.
  • Also, test your connection. Do the following to check the connection:
    • First of all, make certain that the DSL line filters are installed for all devices with the help of a phone.
    • Maybe the internet connection you are using is not fast enough, so try to upgrade your internet package to a faster one.
  • And lastly, you can use the AT&T self-support tool. The self-support tools detect and resolve the connection issues on their own.

The additional steps you can use to resolve the issue:

In case the steps given above fail to resolve the connection speed issue, you can use the following steps to resolve the issue:

  • So first, you should scan your computer for any infectious files. Please check that the antivirus and antispyware applications of your computer are updated and working well. Please perform a full system scan on your computer to scan the corrupted files if they are working well.
  • Also, check that your computer is running on just one firewall. And sometimes, the firewall could cause a slow speed issue, so disable the firewall and test the speed.
  • If you are using any peer-to-peer or other such kinds of applications in the background, then please disable them, as they could affect the bandwidth.
  • Also, check that the wireless network that you are using is providing the optimal performance. And place the wireless gateway or router away from physical obstructions. The router or gateway should be set at a central location, making a distance of at least 3 feet from other nearby appliances.

How to cancel ATT Uverse package?

You can ask to cancel your TV service subscription whenever you want. Still, the value of the refundable amount can vary depending on how late or early you asked for the cancellation. The refundable amount can also vary depending on the condition of the rented equipment that you return. For example, suppose the returned equipment is damaged. In that case, the company could charge for the damages or deduct the repair charges for the damaged products from the refundable security fee.

Now, if you are canceling the TV service subscription within 14 days of its activation, you won’t be charged any Early Termination Fee (ETF). You don’t even have to specify the reason for cancellation.

But if you are canceling the services anytime after 14 days of activation and subject to a term commitment, you are entitled to pay the service fees and the other charges along with the ETF.

You could use the following information to cancel the services:

  • If you are the account owner and want to cancel your TV services, call 288.2020.
  • Please keep the account number and Personal identification number (PIN) handy while making the call.
  • Also, make the call between the normal operating hours. If you call at a time other than the normal operating hours, your request could be taken but will be processed on the next regular business day.

The Early termination policy:

The Early Termination Fee or ETF is charged when the users ask for the cancellation of their services after the 14 days of its activation and have agreed to a term commitment. The ETF will start appearing on the user’s bill within 3 bill periods. Plus, it is prorated and reduced for each month that the user uses the service or the internet service is active.

The Equipment return policy for the AT&T U-verse:

The user must return the equipment, undamaged, under 21 calendar days of termination of service. And regardless of any reason, the equipment must be returned within 21 days.

In case the equipment is returned in a damaged condition, then the company could charge for the damages. The company can also keep any advance payment or deposit or portion of the deposit if the user fails to return the equipment under the period.

Also, the equipment fees will be returned if the user returns the equipment within 90 days of termination of services. But no fees will be returned if the user returns the equipment after 90 days of termination of services. And these provisions will also be applicable if the user is replacing or upgrading the equipment for any reason.

Use the following information to return the equipment:

  • You need to visit your nearest UPS store or FedEx office. As AT&T does not accept returns at their AT&T stores.
  • You need to bring the 9-digit account number and the letter or email that you received to return the equipment. The rest will be taken care of by the UPS or FedEx store free of cost.

We can help you in case of any issues with your AT&T mail account. You can visit our help page to find the troubleshooting steps to fix the Att Email Problems such as incorrect email settings, incorrect passwords, and failed login attempts. So, whenever you’ve got an issue, please consider reaching out to us.

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