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How Can You Enable the UPnP Feature on ATT Router?

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ATT UPnP Feature

The AT&T 2Wire router has many great features. One such feature is that you can use it as a DSL modem or Wireless Router. And thus, it can be used with the U-verse Internet services as well. In addition, with the 2Wire routers, you get the option for convenient Web-based configuration. And using it, you can enable and configure your new Router in just a few minutes.

Here, you will find the easy steps to enable the UPnP feature on your AT&T U-verse router. But before initiating the steps, you should first know what UPnP is and what its advantages are.

About UPnP

UPnP is the abbreviated form of the Universal Plug and Play option. And as per its working, it is a set of networking protocols. These protocols allow networked devices such as printers, computers, and other access points to connect with each other without any disruptions.

These devices are also capable of sensing the presence of other devices on the same network. Plus, these devices can also make networks for functional network services.

Now you can use the following steps to enable the UPnP Feature on the AT&T router:

1st Step

The foremost step is connecting your Router with your computer. To do so, take an ethernet cable and connect its one end into any of the LAN ports of the Router as there are commonly 3-5 LAN ports available on a router. Also, insert the other end of the cable to the ethernet port of the computer.

2nd Step

Now you need to open the gateway user interface. To access the interface page, search for the URL in the computer’s web browser. Also, press the Enter key to get to the search result page.

3rd Step

Now we have come to the last part of the process. So tap on the Home Network button. This will open the list of devices that are connected to your network. To turn on the UPnP feature, first tap on the Access Shared Files button, then select the Enable button. Thus, you have enabled the UPnP feature, and now you can open your files on any computer or mobile which is linked to your network.

The Alternate Method to Enable the Upnp Feature on the at&t Uverse Router:

Now with some of the AT&T U-verse routers, the UPnP feature is not supported by the Router. So to tackle that, you need to purchase another router that supports the UPnP feature.

Some of the AT&T U-verse routers do not support the bridge mode either. Thus you need to set up your purchased Router first and then connect it to the AT&T router; therefore, you can use the features of both routers.

Next, use the output ethernet port of the purchased Router and connect it to the input port of your AT&T router. This way, your AT&T U-Verse router will act as a secondary router with a different IP address.

Once you complete the above process, open the admin panel of the other Router and open its network settings. Now you will see the option to enable the UPnP feature of the Router. Thus you can enable the UPnP feature here without any hassle.

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